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I've had several pods fail in the past week alone. 2 weren't giving me insulin and I couldn't even pull the insulin out to reuse in another pod. Yes, there was insulin in the pod! Also, my PDM wouldn't even give me an accurate blood glucose reading. So, it wasn't delivering insulin and kept giving me numbers that were different by approximately 150 points. I fear my body will face serious... Read more

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Been a type 2 diabetic (identified) for 18 years now (and likely another 5 before that). I have struggled with high everything (Bgs and A1cs). I was finally on the needle after fighting it for the first 10 years, after the shooting fanthom pains, the restlest nights, and many other complications. Even on injections, pills, exercise and diet my A1cs and Bg were abysmal. I started out at... Read more

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Best thing I ever did! I have had my Omni pod for about a year and I love it. I also wear a Dexcom sensor which really helps me monitor my blood sugar. Together they help me control my levels. I work in retail and am always on the go. Super convenient and easy to use. I have had a few pods not work correctly, maybe 3 in an entire year. It saddens me to see people have so many issue with the... Read more

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  • Oct 25, 2015
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I had to watch my mom struggle to get me the Omnipod and struggle to pay for them, and they don't even work, I've had so many "failed" pods there's been 2 times where I was minutes from having to go to the hospital because of ketone acidosis I thought Omnipod would help me but all its doing is hurting me Add comment

4 Pods from one box were defective and did not function, needle did not insert into site. another one fell off because the sticky tape did not hold and fell off while I was at work. don't have 100 words to type, this is so ridiculous. the explanation I gave should have been enough to understand. No one has time to type 100 words. this is a critical issue and needs to be resolved as soon as... Read more

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I have been wearing pods from OmniPod for seven months now, and I cannot wait to see my endocrinologist this upcoming week to talk to her about switching pump companies. Although I love the wireless feature of the pods, I've experienced more high blood sugars with omnipod than I have with using the pens. I'm always nervous each time I put a new pod on because I never know if the insulin is going... Read more

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  • Sep 15, 2015
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I've been wearing the Omnipod for about 1.5 months because my Medtronic pump finally died. I hate the Omnipod. My sugars are running high a lot of the time and do not come down even if I enter a bolus. I don't think I'm getting the insulin as I should be, and of course that is an expense as well as a health issue. I am getting a new Medtronic pump. Add comment

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  • Sep 11, 2015
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Great product and great customer service. This is a complicated device and there are going to be problems no matter what. The omnipod make dealing with diabetes some much easier. My A1C dropped 1.5 points and my insulin use went from 140 per day to 70-80 per day. Add comment

Been on pumps for 30 years. Got an omnipod last year. Have been to ER twice because glucose wet high andDKA because the insulin I gave,the omnipod never delivered. My transplanted kidney shut down both times. I feel the pod is like wearing a hand grenade because out of no where,it will stop delivery. Unfortunately, I love this tubeless pump but doctors fear that this pump is too dangerous. ... Read more

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My 12 year old daughter started using omnipod 4 months ago and we love it. I decided to write a review that was positive because we almost did not chose the pod because of negative reviews.I have not had a problem with customer service they have always been available for questions and for billing.Also my omnipod trainer has been so available to help us make adjustments on omnipod in the... Read more

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