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At first I was excited about the proposed experience when using the OmniPod Insulin Pump however, my interpretation of it was an enhanced experience related to privacy instead, my lack of privacy increased. When the pod nears expiration or gets low, there is an audible tone / annoying beeping associated with it. I made a complaint and was told early on that it was noted but it is what it is. That was years ago when I first switched and to... Read more

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I started podding in 2009 and have been mostly happy. In the first 7 years, I only had 20 bad pods total, but this year I've had 6, which probably doesn't sound like much, but these things cost me (after ins.) over $20 a piece! Add in that I lose $10 (my cost) of insulin every time one fails and you're close to $200 of waste in 7 months. My copay on this crazily expensive plastic DME is $1,040 every quarter! I could by 6 brand new iphones every... Read more

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It is Saturday and I've waited all day for an omnipod delivery and it isn't here. My pod expires tomorrow and I just called the twenty four hour tech support line and it's not a twenty four hour helpline at all. No one answered! What is going on! I have no backup insulin so if I don't end up in ketoacidosis I'll be very lucky. I guess I'll have to get up every two hours to take a shot of insulin tomorrow night and hope I don't shut my alarm off... Read more

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Here is my letter to Insulet; "Your website says "We've Got You Covered!" Well, fact is, you don't. My PDM failed at 8:00 am on Sat. and Insulet will not have a new one to me until 10:30 Monday. There is a 8:00 AM delivery from Fed Ex, but Insulet won't go the distance. Additionally, given that I can envision several relatively inexpensive solutions for a weekend/holiday PDM failure, it's appalling that Insulet would hold it's customers with... Read more

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I started the Omnipod in December 2015, it works for me sugar wise but I have been having allergic reaction with the adhesive. It becomes itch under the adhesive on the secon day & the third day when I remove the pod it is reddish the shape of the pod with rash. I place ointment for itchiness & prednisone cream & it changes to dark spot after a few days. My belly now has dark spot all over as it takes time to clear. I am not concerned of what... Read more

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Have had this omnipod for about 1 month, lost one due to it not sticking well, lost another from being in the pool, lost two others due to sight failure!! Hello this pod is horrible! What a waste of money not to mention all the insulin I lost for my son. I was ensured it was good for active people which my son is. Ok sold!, what a mistake! Do not recommend!

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I decided to switch to the omnipod because I am an avid surfer and a yoga teacher as well. I spent the majority of my free time doing active things outdoors and always struggled with the tubing of my previous insulin pump. I have been on the wireless omnipod for now 3 weeks and I LOVE it! My sugar has already began to improve and its sooooooo nice to not have to worry about getting my pump wet when I'm at the beach or hiking. My biggest... Read more

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It seems that Abbott makes Freestyle test strips and that they are the ONLY strips that work with Omnipod. The are non-formulary RX meaning that both Health Republic and now Oscar Health don't want to cover them. In both cases it took 2 weeks to convince my health insurance provider that Freestyle Lite strips will not work. It seems that Freestyle is the most expensive strip on the market and Abbott has made sure that there is nothing else that... Read more

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You need to understand the rules of pump therapy before using one. 1st of all, GREAT product! My A1C has lowered from 7.1 avg to 5.9 after only 6 months! I have a CGM to assist with the ebb & flows of BG levels which definitely helps! There are ZERO issues with POD's. One thing you can do is "wrap" your POD if it's on your leg or arm with a tennis sweat band, etc. It will keep you from banging it on doorways or sleeping on it wrong. (This... Read more

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I am an Animas pump user currently and have done tons of research on the OmniPod because I'm basically obsessed with getting it! I have read most of these reviews and it seems most of the problems are with the new smaller generation of the pod, most of the people with this complaint get their pods from a unsupported service for the pods like eBay. If you get pods from anywhere but 1. Insulet through mail, or 2. Through your local drugstore, the... Read more

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