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I had this pump for 4 years and I am paying for it with my eyes. Therasense test strips were recalled because they were giving lower than actual readings by as much as 100 points so I thought I had lower bloodsugar than I did.

I started to realize something was wrong because my A1C's were always higher than the pump reported. Also the pump would leak all the time during injections so I thought I was getting enough insulin when I wasnt.

This was a perfect storm and I have had retienopathy for the first time in my life which has finally slowed down. Omnipod is the worst pump on the market.

Product or Service Mentioned: Omnipod Insulin Pump.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Wireless, Being tubeless.

I didn't like: Poor product.

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My pod alarm has gone off at work, in the car when I am in traffic and cannot pull over, in ceremonies, in the store, at the movie theater, and everywhere. It cannot be shut off even temporarily.

Sometimes it goes off for no reason – it is not empty of insulin and the three-day period is not up. It just decides it is done and there is nothing that can be done about it. Even worse, the high-pieced squeal that happens when it deadlines keeps going and going and going. I have to beat it to death with a hammer to shut it up.

One time I killed it with the hammer, put it in the trash and found it going off again after a few hours. If I am at any place other than home, I do not feel I can take it off and ditch it because someone may think it is a bomb. Why are all these alarms necessary? I have been a diabetic for 30 years, and used a traditional pump for 15 years, and NEVER NEEDED AN ALARM.

I managed to give myself insulin and change my pump site without an alarm. Another annoyance is changing the pod, and then having another alarm go off after two-hours reminding me I need to take my reading. I could have taken my reading a dozen times in the two-hour period, but it will still sound an alarm at the two-hour mark. Why have no improvements been made in the Omnipod?

Is a great technology to be tubeless, but it is from the dark ages in every other respect. The screen cannot be read in sunlight. Trying to give yourself a bolus in the outdoors is impossible. The PDM is huge.

It takes up way to much room in a wallet or purse or pocket. Why has nothing been done! I am going back to the traditional insulin pump. Having tubing is not as bad as the ridiculous alarms and pods that won’t shut up until they are beaten with a hammer (sometimes a hammer isn’t enough).

I have called the 1-800 number numerous times to complain about the above and are always told they have never heard that complaint before. They have heard it from me numerous times and they have heard it from the hundreds of other reviews with these same complaints.Type your message here

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