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I have been using this product for 2 years this month. I absolutely loved it!

Then about 6months in the adhesive started tearing up my skin. I saw many doctors and called about it plenty of times and anything any doctor gave me or the company gave me never worked! Now on top of that, my pods are failing on me. This is wasting my time, insulin, and money.

This product is supposed to help and support people with a serious disease but it's making me feel worse. I wonder if the person who invented this pump was a type 1 themselves.

I can't imagine they were cause this is making type 1 harder on me. These photos are of old areas I placed my pump.

Product or Service Mentioned: Omnipod Insulin Pump.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am sorry to see that it caused a problem for you - but I don't think the inventor being T1 diabetic would help the situation at all. Its probably very statistically unlikely that the team of experts who developed it had any diabetics on it.

I can't really think of any famous drug or treatment that was invented by someone suffering from the illness being treated. That's why they have clinical trials and such.


I would also like to know if you were rotating areas? I have some dead skin issues but nothing similar to yours.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1299877

I'm going to assume you were rotating areas where you put the pump and didn't always put it in the same spot, like moving from one side to the other and putting the needle in a different spot from the last time.

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