I have been an OmniPod user for about 4 years now. Early on the Pods had a fairly high fail rate (about 30%), but customer service was great- I received replacements the next day. Eventually the product dependability got much better. Then the pod update occurred....

Fail rate is now at LEAST 50%, no customer service (or very, very long wait times), replacement pods delayed for weeks or months, PDM programming issues, etc. Let me address each individually.

Pod Reliability:

Holy crappy product Batman- really?? 50 - 60% failure rate? I can see I am not the only one- considering your hold times are upwards of 1 hour or longer! How do you release a medical product with this much failure? Oh- and can I get replacment supply of my insulin- since your product burns through it at a ridiculous rate? I throw more away than use with your product.

Customer Serviceless:

Adding insult to this injury is the customer service person asking you *** questions like, "was your insulin cold?" and my favorite, "Did you use the pinch up method?" No you *** clod- I have completely forgotten about both of these things after 4 years of doing it every 3 days without this high rate of failure- duh! Oh sorry- now it is every 24 hours with your new and "improved" POD. You asked me this question yesterday, so why would I forget between now and 1 day before when I called about another POD!

Replacement (or lack of):

Yeah- I am running low on these pieces of ***. I have suddenly realized I am starting to like sado-masacism and would like you to ship me more of your crappy product before I have no other way to get insulin into my body. My backup pen? Great idea! I've already used it due to all of your crappy product failures. Think I can get a pod a little faster than 1 month?


To me, this is the most annoying aspect. Whoever programmed your new PDM should be flogged in public and hanged by their nose hairs- then flogged again. I am getting calluses from all the unneccessary button pushing! Whos idea was it to ask me to confirm if this POD was mine? Are there really a bunch of Pod users that all hang out and forget which pod is theirs? Get rid of this feature- it is annoying! Even more annoying is that after I replace a pod, your PDM starts beeping incessantly about checking my blood suger levels- 1 hour LATER! Even if I did do so upon pod replacement. This is especially fun when you change your pod just before bedtime and you have to wait up 1 more hour to clear this alarm. Hey! Some of us work for a living and don't like being sleepy from lack of sleep. Another favorite- do you wish to activate this pod? (yes), does it look good? (yes), does the needle appear OK (yes), are you sure? (YES!), Are you positively absolutely 100% sure? (F....U!). C'mon! Really?

Are you getting the idea that I am a bit hostile over this thing? Good! That is my point! My blood sugar levels are higher than ever using this thing (high blood levels make me hulk-like- SMASH, SMASH! Must SMASH thing that is making me annoyed!!!)

Obviously I am turning my product back in before I inadvertantly find myself stabbing myself in the eye because I am begging to subconciously like the pain.

Oh yeah- 1 last thing! Make that thing work with ANY OTHER blood glucos test strip. Insurance companies hate paying super premiums on FreeStyle Lite strips that are 100 times more expenesive than all others on the market. You force your customers to go out and purchase batman utility belts just to function daily. I need a spot on my belt for my work cell phone, 1 for your dumb PDM and its associated accessories and now 1 for another glucos meeter.

To the rest of you reading this complaint- I used to talk about this product in a very positive way to anyone that was curious about the pod on my arm or body. Now?....I hope your experience is better than mine- but after reading other reviews, I rather doubt it.

Review about: Omnipod Insulin Pump.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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New York, New York, United States #838309

So what did you decide to do? Has your control improved?

Have you found a new and better way to get your insulin? Omnipod can drive you crazy. But its better than the alternatives. They are spending a lot of $$$ investing in our disease....I am happy to try out things as they come along.

BUt I do agree, the necessary button pressing and confirming is excessive on the PDMs...that gets my goat. I used to feel like strangling Omni employees too, but not anymore.

I am resolutely determined to work with it.


All I can say to you is good luck. I hope you get taken cared of because the company is a joke.

The pods that get turned in are being reshipped out once again and again. Their returns dept. is over loaded with returns and all their bad products is coming from where? yup you guests it!

"CHINA" cheap labor, cheap product, bigger savings for companies, means bigger profits for company owners and share holders.

You people in need pay the price along with insurance companies that cover the product. good luck to everyone

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